Malole Essentials

Founded by Lilian Sebit;

As a South Sudanese who was born and raised in Denmark and is now living in the Netherlands, I was missing products that tell the story of African cultures and, at the same time, feel luxurious. 

The name MALOLE ESSENTIALS is a representation of my great-grandmother Maria (Ma), grandmother Lodia (Lo), and my mother Leyla (Le). By combining the first two letters of each name, Malole was born. That is also why the first launch is dedicated to the Pojülu tribe in South Sudan’s Equatorial region, from which we are descended.  

Malole Essentials’ mission is to inspire you, the customer, to explore the wonderful continent of Africa through a self-care journey. I want to achieve this by taking your journey to a higher level with quality and natural African ingredients. 

My vision is to give back to the inspiration behind Malole Essentials, by changing the narrative about the African content into the beauty it is. Besides changing the narrative, Malole Essentials aspires to one day give back to the tribes themselves through donations and other aids.