The Pojülu tribe

The Pojülu tribe

The Pojulu tribe is an ethnic group primarily found in South Sudan, specifically in Central Equatoria State. The Pojulu people belong to the larger Bari ethnic group, which includes several subgroups.

Here are a few facts about the tribe: 

  • The Pojulu people have traditionally made agriculture their primary source of income. They raise cattle, goats, and poultry in addition to cultivating crops like maize, sorghum, millet, and vegetables.
  • During ceremonial rituals, the Pojulu people perform songs and dances, usually wearing colourful clothing and beads. 
  • A newborn is named during a significant ceremony called Korjo, during which the child is given at least three different names, each with a distinct meaning.
  • Bambe (sweet potato) is a stable snack among the Pojulu. 

I hope this little post will get you engaged in learning more about the Pojulu tribe and other African cultures, as they are all unique! 

*The picture above is of my #1 Pojulu woman, my mom, also known as Leyla Daniel Joseph! 
*Pojulu is spelled as Pojülu on the products for branding purposes.
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